Software development, integration, automation, outsourcing.

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NordWestSoft software development company was founded in 2007 in Saint-Petersburg, the heart of Russia. Our primary goal is to provide high quality and effective custom software solutions. NordWestSoft services include software development, modeling and technical implementation of automated control system, development of process automation systems, document management systems. We have a great expertize in development of business workflow management systems. We provide big data management and analysis solutions.

The key areas of NWS software development include:


Application development

Custom application development, web development, outsourcing.

Document management

Automation, document management systems, data analysis.

Process control

Development, modeling and technical implementation of automated control system and process automation systems.

3D Graphics and CAD

3D graphics, real-time rendering, CAD software development

Our company provides full-cycle development services: requirement analysis, software design, user interface design, software development, quality assurance and testing, system integration, software documentation development (if required project documentation can meet GOST guidelines) and further technical support.

We offer enterprise application integration services, development of middle-ware components, heterogeneous architecture systems development. Solution integration services include development of file format conversion modules, XML, SOAP and REST-based services, middleware protocol adapters, and related reverse engineering tasks.

We develop process control systems, project and construction management systems, and pharmacology process control systems. We offer distributed application development services, required for process control systems, including architecture design, selection of appropriate hardware solution and final implementation and integration as well as further support and development.

Our company has a great expertise in creation of hybrid hardware- and software- based solutions, IoT hardware and software development. Our software engineers have good experience of using leading automation system components produced by Siemens, Advantech, Vipa, Wago, NEXCOM, Delta Electronics, as well as russian components known as "OWEN".


NordWestSoft development team is focused on development of high-quality software solutions in the shortest possible period of time. Our team leaders have a great experience in project delivery for Russian and as well as foreign customers.

Our team consists of high qualified software engineers, most of them have an academic degree of one of the well-known Saint-Petersburg universities: SpbSTU(Peter the Great Saint-Petersburg Polytechnic University), IFMO (ITMO UNIVERSITY), LETI (Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University "LETI") Our engineers mostly have a degree in computer science, mathematics or related areas of education. Such a qualification allows to solve non-standard tasks in the shortest period of time. We cooperate with senior students, some of them successfully complete their graduation projects using our development projects as a base for their scientific investigations and later stay with us in NordWestSoft team.


NordWestSoft engineers have a great experience in software and database development using wide-spread programming languages such as C, C++, C#, SQL (T-SQL, PL/SQL, PL/pgSQL), we have also strong experience in web application development using leading Microsoft solutions: ASP.Net (ASP.Net MVC, Asp.NET Core), and a great expertise in Windows software development using Win32 API, MFC, WPF and other, as well as mobile (Android SDK, Xamamrin, Mono .Net) technologies.

Our database engineers have a good experience in design of database architecture and optimization utilizing knowledge of most effective RDBMS solutions such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Postgre и mySQL. Our mobile solutions basically relay on SQlite storage systems.

In our work process we use different software development practises including effective agile processes such as SCRUM. With these approcahes we are ready to complete challenging projects in extremely short time with excellent quality.

Our development team uses most promising prototyping techniques, agile development process and technologies such as Microsoft Entity Framework (Code-First), ensuring fast design and flexibility of database structure and relations. This helps us to change the structure rapidly to align it with customer requirements. Code First approach allows us to focus product quality and overall software effectiveness, it allows using any of the popular database management systems without redefining data model.